Chirana CH660 Bless

Chirana CH660 Bless

Brushless micromotor with quiet and vibration free operation. Stable torque in combination with short length( 49mm). Optimal LED light. Fully sterillisable at 135°C. Controllable speed at range 100 – 40 000rpm. Very low weight, in titanium option only 60 grams. CHIRANA hose connector.

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The Chirana CH 660 Bless belongs to the group of electric powered stomatological instruments that uses its own micromotor as the only actuator for driving of a wide spectrum of micromotor handpieces designated for treatment in dental surgery.

The basic CH 660 Bless model  is made from stainless-steel. A titanium model is also available.

Basic handpieces offered for connection to the micromotor are contra angle handpieces (120D, 120, 120L) together with head (168D, 168D/T) and straight micromotor handpiece (110D).
The advantages of this micromotor include low weight, easy handling, high performance and high intensity of light to bring ideal conditions for any dental treatment. The usage of “cold light” from the LED diode minimizes the heating of instrument from the light source.

The most important advantage is the concept that builds on the electronic control rotation of the motor (brushless), providing high performance, eliminating any vibration, noise and significantly longer life compared with conventional commutator motors.

The micromotor is compatible with control electronics NSK and Bien-Air, with which it is possible to fully exploit the endo-functions, and regulation of speed from 100 to 40.000 rpm.

This micromotor CH 660 Bless is applicable in the area of oral surgery as well. The construction of micromotor allows regular sterilization at 135 º C (autoclave).

Technical features:

  • Cooling air output: 6-10 l/min. on output of micromotor
  • Cooling air input: 28 l/min. on input of micromotor
  • Speed: max. 40 000 rpm
  • LED intensity: 26000 lux
  • Light source: LED diode, placed directly in the motor
  • Power of light: 3,5V(DC); 120mA
  • Direction of rotation: duplex, left/right
  • Torque moment: 40 mNm
  • Sterilisation: AUTOCLAVE 135°C
  • Connection: electronics and hose paired with micromotor
  • Operating mode: 2 min. ON and 3 min. OFF
  • Weight: 128g

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Weight 0.1100 lbs


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