Embrace WetBond Resin Cement Automix Syringe Refill – Pulpdent

Embrace WetBond Resin Cement Automix Syringe Refill – Pulpdent

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Pulpdent Embrace WetBond Resin Cement Automix Syringe Refill

Embrace Resin Cement is the first self-adhesive resin cement that bonds to the slightly moist tooth. Embrace is a moisture-friendly, ionic resin, not a glass ionomer, and is fully compatible with the moist oral environment. Embrace forms chemical bonds to dentin and enamel, precious and non-precious metals, ceramics, composites, and fiber posts. Bonding agents are not required; however, they can be used if desired. It is not necessary to etch dentin, but etching uncut enamel surfaces is indicated.

Embrace Resin Cement is non-irritating, self-adhesive, contains no solvents, requires no etching or drying of dentin, and provides an exceptional seal against microleakage. These features eliminate the major causes of sensitivity.

Self-Adhesive – Moisture Tolerant

  • Bonds in a slightly moist field
  • Self-adhesive properties
  • Self-etching to dentin
  • Eliminates microleakage

Available Options:

  • Low Viscosity – #EMCAR
  • Medium Viscosity – #EMCMR

Contents: 1 x 7g Cement and 20 Automix Tips

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