Incremental Thickness Gauge – IPR Accessories – ContacEZ – #92106

Incremental Thickness Gauge – IPR Accessories – ContacEZ – #92106

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Incremental Thickness Gauge – IPR Accessories

The Incremental Thickness Gauge can efficiently, safely, and accurately confirm the amount of interproximal reduction performed for orthodontic treatment. Is autoclavable and sterilizable. Made in the USA.

Contains the following gauge thicknesses:

  • 0.1mm,
  • 0.2mm,
  • 0.25mm,
  • 0.3mm,
  • 0.4mm,
  • 0.5mm

The interproximal surface should be polished using the ContacEZ Gray Final Polishing Strip (0.05mm, Ultra-Fine Diamond, Single-Sided) until all adjacent proximal surfaces are smooth in order to accurately verify the final gap dimension with the ContacEZ Incremental Thickness Gauge.

After performing interproximal stripping with the ContacEZ IPR Strip System, select the proper Gauge prescribed for the treatment, and gently insert the Incremental Thickness Gauge with a light brush-like movement. Slight tactile resistance will be felt when the appropriate amount of enamel has been removed. To avoid false readings, it is very important to not force the gauge into the space when measuring.

During sterilization, care should be taken to keep the Incremental Thickness Gauge and dissimilar metals from coming into contact with each other in order to prevent potential oxidation. Suitable sterilization methods are dry heat, or steam heat autoclave, or chemiclave.

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