MucoSoft Reline Kit – Parkell

MucoSoft Reline Kit – Parkell

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MucoSoft® Reline Kit from Parkell

  • Quick and easy soft silicone relines with no heat or bad taste
  • Creates instant comfort for the patient that lasts for years
  • Translucent pink color blends beautifully with most denture base shades
  • Non-runny, thixotropic consistency won’t gag the patient
  • Hydrophobic formula reduces water absorption, discoloration, odor or stiffening with age
  • Uses standard 50ml auto-mixing gun which eliminates messy powder/liquid mixing
  • Special primer tenaciously grafts durable silicone to the denture base, to resist peeling, leaking and tearing


  • 1 x 50ml cartridge of MucoSoft® Reline Silicone
  • 1 x 15ml MucoSoft® Bonding Liner Adhesive
  • 12ml Glaze (2 components A&B)
  • Mixing tips
  • Brushes & pipettes

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Weight 1.7600 lbs
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