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Dentistry Students Price List


Bur Blocks

Mueller Burs

Carbide Burs

Diamond Burs



One Gloss Mini Points RA 3PK – 12PK
Dura White Cylinder CY2 FG 3PK – 12PK
Dura White Round RD2 RA 3PK – 12PK
Dura White Round RD2 FG 3PK – 12PK
Dura White Flame FL2 FG 3PK – 12PK
Dura White Flame FL2 RA 3PK – 12PK
Dura White Flame FL1 FG 3PK – 12PK
Dura Green Flame FL2 RA 3PK – 12PK
Brownie Mini Point RA 3PK – 12PK
White Stone Flame FL2 FG 3PK – 12PK
Amalgam/Gold Polisher 3-Step Kit 12PCS
Amalgam/Gold Polisher Mini Points RA 12PK Assorted 3PK (1 of each)

Polishing Discs

Super-Snap Polishing Discs 10PK – 50PK
Super-Snap SuperBuff 10PK – 50PK
One Gloss Midi Points 10PK – 50PK
One Gloss Inverted Cone 10PK – 50PK
Super-Snap Mandrel Contra Angle RA Plastic 10PK – 100PK
Super-Snap Mandrel Contra Angle RA Metal 1PK – 6PK
Super-Snap Mini Kit
Super-Snap Rainbow Tech Kit


ProFil Compules 20 Caps
ProFil Flow 1x1g Syringe
ProFil 4g Syringe
Estelite Sigma Quick Compules 20×0.2g Caps



Temporary Crown and Bridge

Integrity  (no 10% discount on this item)
Structure2 SC
Protemp (Special order, we don’t keep in stock. Price upon request)


Sectional Matrix

Rubber Dam

Rubber Dam Clamps
Rubber Dam Frame
Rubber Dam Forceps
Rubber Dam Punch
Flexi Dam Non-Latex 6×6 Medium (Purple or Teal) 30PK


High Speed Handpiece
Low Speed Handpiece
Adapter 2/3-hole HP to 4-hole Tubing



3M Sof-Lex Discs

½” X-Thin Assorted 40PK (10 of each)
½” X-Thin Coarse 85PK
½” X-Thin Medium 85PK
½” X-Thin Fine 85PK
½” X-Thin Super Fine 85PK
3/8” X-Thin Assorted 40PK (10 of each)
3/8” X-Thin Coarse 85PK
3/8” X-Thin Medium85PK
3/8” X-Thin Fine 85PK
3/8” X-Thin Super Fine 85PK
Mandrel Contra Angle/RA 1PK – 3PK


Matrix Bands, Mylar Strips, T-Bands, Polishing Strips




All student sales are FINAL SALE and will not be accepted for return or refund.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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