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Dentistry Students Price List


Bur Blocks

Mueller Burs

Assorted $30.00/5PK
1.0mm $28.50/10PK
1.2mm $28.50/10PK
1.4mm $28.50/10PK
1.6mm $28.50/10PK
1.8mm $28.50/10PK

Carbide Burs

Diamond Burs

Meisinger $55.00 & up
Jota $33.50 & up
Johnson Promident $25.00 & up


Prophy Brush – Latch Micro Flat White $2.00/5PK
Prophy Brush – Latch Flat White or Black $5.00/10pk
Prophy Brush – Latch Pointed White $5.00/10PK
Prophy Brush – Latch Cup Shade/White or Bristle $5.00/10PK
Occlu-Brush Assorted $20.00/3PK (1 of each)
Compo Blitz $15.00/2PK (1.5mm)
Compo Blitz $15.00/2PK (3.0mm)
Cotton Mini Buff $10.00/5PK
Micro Brush $6.50/100PK
Astrobrush Assorted $35.00/3PK (1 of each) – $162.00/15PK (5 of each)


One Gloss Mini Points RA $13.50/3PK – $40.00/12PK
Dura White Cylinder CY2 FG $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Dura White Round RD2 RA $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Dura White Round RD2 FG $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Dura White Flame FL2 FG $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Dura White Flame FL2 RA $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Dura White Flame FL1 FG $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Dura Green Flame FL2 RA $8.00/3PK – $31.00/12PK
Brownie Mini Point RA $9.50/3PK – $36.00/12PK
White Stone Flame FL2 FG $6.00/3PK – $24.00/12PK
Amalgam/Gold Polisher 3-Step Kit $37.00/12PCS
Amalgam/Gold Polisher Mini Points RA $25.50/12PK Assorted $7.00/3PK (1 of each)

Polishing Discs

Super-Snap Polishing Discs $7.00/10PK – $31.50/50PK
Super-Snap SuperBuff $10.00/10PK – $49.50/50PK
One Gloss Midi Points $22.00/10PK – $97.00/50PK
One Gloss Inverted Cone $16.00/10PK – $97.00/50PK
Super-Snap Mandrel Contra Angle RA Plastic $5.00/10PK – $46.00/100PK
Super-Snap Mandrel Contra Angle RA Metal $6.00/1PK – $27.50/6PK
Super-Snap Mini Kit $41.00
Super-Snap Rainbow Tech Kit $122.00


3M Z100 1x4g Syringe $36.00
3M Z250 1x4g Syringe $39.55
3M Z250 Compules 20x.20g Caps $84.76
ProFil Compules 20 Caps $56.00
ProFil Flow 1x1g Syringe $14.00
ProFil 4g Syringe $30.00
Estelite Sigma Quick Compules 20×0.2g Caps $129.80


Kerr 2-Spill Amalgam $29.99/10PK
Spherodon 2-Spill Amalgam $47.00/25PK
Amalgamator – Regular $345.00 – Sale $288.00


3M Express $102.99
3M Express Soft $95.00
Genie Rapid Set $99.00
Mark3 VPS Fast Set $65.00

Temporary Crown and Bridge

Luxatemp $190.00
Deluxe $114.00
Integrity $197.75 (no 10% discount on this item)
Structure3 $164.99
Structure2 SC $145.00
Protemp (Special order, we don’t keep in stock. Price upon request)


Typodont Standard AG3 DA $341.00 (no 10% discount on this item)
Teeth (#11-#18, #21-#28, #31-#38, #41-#48) $3.60/EA

Sectional Matrix

Sectional Matrix 5mm $3.50/5PK
Sectional Ring w/Silicone Tube $11.00/1PK
Garrison Standard Sectional Matrix Kit – Regular $315.00 – Sale $288.00 (no 10% discount on this item)

Rubber Dam

Rubber Dam Clamps $13.00
Rubber Dam Frame $19.00
Rubber Dam Forceps $47.00
Rubber Dam Punch $55.00 – $75.00
Flexi Dam Non-Latex 6×6 Medium (Purple or Teal) $13.00/5PK – $61.00/30PK


High Speed Handpiece $200.00 and up
Low Speed Handpiece $330.00 and up
Adapter 2/3-hole HP to 4-hole Tubing $40.00
Lubricant $22.00 – $39.00


PLS Tray/EA $12.00
PLS Cover/EA $12.00
PLS Tub Tray/EA $12.00
PLS Tub Cover/EA $5.00
ZRC Divided Tray/EA $17.00
ZRC Locking Lid/EA $19.00


Flexi Wedges Assorted $12.00/40PK
Pulpdent Wooden Wedges $13.50/100PK Assorted $49.00/400PK
Premier Wooden Wedges $15.00/100PK (no 10% discount on this item)
Plastic Wedges $10.00/100PK
Fender Wedges $15.00/10PK – $140.00/100PK
Fender Wedges Assorted $26.00/20PK (5 of each) – $199/144PK (36 of each)
Fender Mate Assorted $16.00/4PK (1 of each) – $296.00 72/PK (18 of each)
Fender Prep $12.50/5PK – $227.00/100PK
Poly Wedges w/Handle – Red, Blue, Yellow $4.00/30PK
Poly Wedges w/Handle – Large Red $15.00/100PK
Poly Wedges w/Handle – Medium Blue $15.00/100PK
Poly Wedges w/Handle – Small Yellow $15.00/100PK

3M Sof-Lex Discs

½” X-Thin Assorted $22.00/40PK (10 of each)
½” X-Thin Coarse $41.00/85PK
½” X-Thin Medium $41.00/85PK
½” X-Thin Fine $41.00/85PK
½” X-Thin Super Fine $41.00/85PK
3/8” X-Thin Assorted $22.00/40PK (10 of each)
3/8” X-Thin Coarse $41.00/85PK
3/8” X-Thin Medium $41.00/85PK
3/8” X-Thin Fine $41.00/85PK
3/8” X-Thin Super Fine $41.00/85PK
Mandrel Contra Angle/RA $15.00/1PK – $40.00/3PK


Finishing Cups $17.00/5PK – $85.00/30PK
Finishing Points $17.00/5PK – $85.00/30PK
Finishing Discs $17.00/5PK – $85.00/30PK
Green Finishing Assorted $8.00/3PK (1 of each)
Green Finishing Cups $13.00/5PK – $109.00/48PK
Green Finishing Points $13.00/5PK – $109.00/48PK
Green Finishing Discs $13.00/5PK – $109.00/48PK

Matrix Bands, Mylar Strips, T-Bands, Polishing Strips


#12, #15 and #22 Scalpel Blade w/ handle $2.00/1PK – $14.00/10PK
#12B Scalpel Blade w/ handle $2.40/1PK – $20.00/10PK


Scotchbond Multipurpose Adhesive 8ml Bottle $47.00
Adper Single Bond Plus 6g Refill Bottle $59.00
Prolink Universal Bond 5ml Bottle $50.00
Futurabond U – Dual Cure Universal Single Dose $3.00/1PK – $160/50PK
OptiBond Solo Plus 5ml Bottle $89.50
Gluma Comfort Bond 4ml Bottle $77.00
Prime & Bond NT 3.5ml Bottle $65.00


Suction tip (Saliva ejector tip) $5.00/1PK
Dappen dish – Glass $2.50/1PK – Disposable Assorted $1.00/5PK
Gloves $9.00 – $14.00
Overgloves $1.00 10Pairs/PK (20 Gloves)
Masks $1.50 – $4.00/10PK
Bibs $1.00/10PK
Bib Chains $4.00/EA
Head Cap Tie-On $2.00/5PK
Head Cap Elastic $1.00/5PK
Head Rest Covers 10” x14” Blue Fabric $1.00/10PK
Disposable Gown Blue $2.00/1PK
Cotton Rolls #2 Non-Sterile $1.00/50PK
Sleeves $0.50 – $2.00
Sterilization Pouches $1.00 – $1.25
Articulating Paper $6.50 – $25.00
Endo Stops Assorted $2.00/12PK – $13.00/100PK
Instrument Code Rings $7.00/35PK
Prep Check $3.00/EA – $119.00/50PK
Saliva Ejector Clear With Blue Tip $1.00/10PK
High Volume Evacuation Tips 6” White $1.00/10PK
Matrix Buttons $18.00/12PK – $73.00/72PK
Barrier Film $16.00/Roll
Glass Slab $5.50 – $16.00
Curing Light $199.00 and Up

All student sales are FINAL SALE and will not be returned for return or refund.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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